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Musicality in Poetry

by Silvia Francesca Maglione

All great Arts are somehow connected within each other, but Music is the only one correlated to all of them. We find music’s beauty in paintings, math, science….and poetry. Music in poetry consists of a rhythmical flow, word patterns, stress schemes, rhyme exposition and alliterations. Shakespeare was one of the poets who greatly understood music’s power in poetry, therefore introduced the iambic pentameter (meter in poetry consisting of five iambic feet with stress on different syllables) in his sonnets. Not only is musicality fundamental in poetry’s sound, but it is as well for the person reciting it.
It is in fact music facilitating the process of memorizations of long poems/soliloquies. It would have been impossible for Greek dramatists to learn poetic passages of over a thousand lines without the aid of the poem’s musicality.
A scientifically proved way of learning anything be heart, is putting it under musical form. This happens because the human mind is naturally predisposed to any form of music (as it might not be for mathematical patterns’ identification). This is also the reason why musicians are among the less prone category of people (with actors and barristers) to contract Alzheimer disease.

Once again, Music comes in handy for everyday life situations.

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User comments:

I was waiting for your new blog and finally we got it! Thank you Silvia, I agree with you 100%. Best,

   Posted by fabrizio on June 2nd, 2006 @ 7:30 pm GMT

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