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Alain Paul Raymond Lefébure brief curriculum vitae:

updated on April 23rd, 2006
      Alain Paul Raymond Lefébure was born in Paris the 17th November, 1946 then left Paris to live in a small town, beginning his violin studies there at the age of 9. In 1961, he studied clarinet and got, in 1964, a First price Clarinet soloist in Fontainebleau.He joined, in 1966, a military band in Paris where he studied harmony and orchestra conducting. While taking private violin and viola lessons in Paris with Jacques Spajer, he also studied medicine and tried to conciliate the both careers, using medicine to help musicians, especially violinists, and developing a musical approach to help children with small psychological or nervous disorders. As autodidact and scientific he has to search the source of things but keeps the freedom of the ignorant man in his musical conception. Some of his compositions are freely downloadable on http://icking-music-archive.org

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