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Composers: Today 21 January

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Today 21 January

by Setrak Setrakian

Reinhard Keiser
Johann Gottfried Eckard
Padre Davide da Bergamo Felice Moretti
Gertrude van den Bergh
Thomas Attwood Walmisley

Dying days:
Gustav Albert Lortzing
Auguste Joseph Franchomme
Calixa Lavallée
Guillaume Lekeu
Felix Mikhailovich Blumenfeld

(1904) Leoš Janáček: Premiere of Jenufa, in Brno, Czech Republic.
(1910) Ernö von Dohnányi: Premiere of Der Schleier de Pierrette, in Dresden, Germany.
(1917) Alfredo Casella: Premiere of Elegia Eroica, in Rome, Italy.
(1937) Béla Bartók: Premiere of Music for strings, percussion and celesta, in Basel, Switzerland.
(1938) Igor Markevitch: Premiere of Le Nouvel Age, in Warsaw, Poland.

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