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Composers: Today 29 January

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Today 29 January

by Setrak Setrakian

Gregor Joseph Werner
Georg Christoph Wagenseil
Daniel-François-Esprit Auber
Johannes Bernardus van Bree
Frederick Delius

Dying days:
Franz Xaver Kleinheinz
Edward Keurvels
Fritz Kreisler
Pierre Mercure
Rogier van Otterloo

(1781) Wolfgang Amadeus (Amadé) Mozart: Premiere of Idomeneo, in Munich, Germany, with Mozart conducting.
(1905) Gustav Mahler: Premiere of Kindertotenlieder, in Vienna, Austria, with Mahler conducting.
(1932) Gian Francesco Malipiero: Premiere of Concerti per Orchestra, in Philadelphia, USA.

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