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Mining Your Potential

by David James

The Basic Practice Approach (as found in The Principles) states, as Step #1: "Review and increase your understanding of what you are about to do, and how you are going to do it." There is a world of meaning here, and I would like to take a look at a few of the applications and ways of understanding this directive.

We all need to realize that at any given moment, we are capable of being "more than we are". If we knew how to have a certain totality of awareness of ourselves, then we would be able to, in every moment, see more than we saw before, and so, be able to be more than we have been before. This is true on every level of life.

Having natural talent in no way exempts us from falling prey to all the potential pitfalls that lie in wait for anyone on the path of musical excellence.

It takes a constant focus and effort during practice, but it must be done in order to know that I am playing up to my highest potential. It is true for me, you, and everyone. If we are serious about ourselves as musicians, we will make sure we are always pulling up our slack, by making this first step of The Basic Practice Approach a constant background theme to all our music making efforts.

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